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About the project

MyCred4Home intends to promote social and professional inclusion for low qualified profiles by combining two EU tools, one new, still under development, micro-credentials, and one to be soon renewed, the validation of non-formal and informal learning. Their common aim is to help individuals to get their skills recognised and valued more easily and quickly, and transform them into better employment opportunities, and therefore into inclusion.

The personal and household services (PHS) sector has been chosen as particularly propitious for this purpose, since it combines several facilitating features. First fo all, this sector requires a wire range of basic, hard, soft and transversal skills, which can be largely applicable to other sectors. Secondly, despite all this set or rich skills, PHS professionals often lack of sufficient recognition and a targeted tool like micro-credentials, combined with validation, could offer them promising perspectives. Lastly, the current demographic trends are driving an increasing demand of these services resulting into a growing demand of qualified workers, which can turn into a powerful leverage for raising awareness and spreading microcredentials.

The project partners will jointly work to reach 3 main objectives:

  • To contribute to the definition of standards for micro-credentials for lower qualification levels
  • To explore the potential of micro-credentials via validation of non formal and informal learning
  • To promote the employability and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups thanks to micro-credentials

Check out the video below to discover more about the project!