Developing Micro Credentials for the Home Care Sector


The MyCred4Home intends to promote social and professional inclusion for low qualified profiles through micro-credentials and validation of non-formal and informal learning in the Personal and Household Service (PHS) sector. Thus, the recognition of skills in the PHS sector could improve the employment opportunities of the individuals, and therefore their inclusion.


Benchmarking Report

A compared analysis, highlighting the most relevant existing evaluation and validation methods and tools for small volumes of learning outcomes in each partner country.

Micro-credential standards

Highly transferable framework that will define the basic, hard, soft and transversal key competences for the PHS sector to be recognised by micro-credentials via VNFIL.

Validation of experiences

After implementation in France, Spain, Belgium, 3 national and 1 general report will deliver a detailed evaluation (quantitative and qualitative).

Guidelines for micro credentials

A practical guide to provide guidance and concrete recommendations on how to use the methodology and tools and explain its potential for transferability.


Communication Kit

STePS (IT) is responsible for the Dissemination activities closely supported by all partners.